Eurogerm has a unique set of expertise covering wheat in the field to baked goods on the table.


Grain Analysis

Every year Eurogerm analyzes hundreds of wheat samples from around the world and formulates milling correctors to meet quality requirements of various types of flours for a specific range of applications. Eurogerm has a proprietary tool titled Chronotec for Physical, chemical and rheological analysis of wheat and flour.

Eurogerm has been offering Chronotec service to bakeries to select the right flour for a specific application based on not just protein, but on quality of protein and other parameters such as starch damage, water absorption, gluten index (dry and wet), ash, moisture along with actual baking tests.

wheat field
baguette formulation


Eurogerm evaluates on average 1000 different raw materials every year. The functional knowledge of these raw materials combined with know-how of flour, baking processes and equipment make Eurogerm one of the best formulators in the industry.

Sensory Analysis

Eurogerm offers comprehensive sensory analysis of all types of baked goods through a trademarked platform Qualitec. The sensory analysis data allows for Eurogerm to work closely with its customers to improve various aspects of the final product throughout its shelf-life.

Nutritional analysis is available through Qualitec Nurtition

baguette formulation